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Still Here!

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Hello friends!

Sorry for the radio silence for a month now. It was not intended at all!

It was kind of a combination of many things, which pushed the blog posting back. And, in all fairness, there were just some nights I just did not have the energy or motivation to sit down and type away on the blog. Easier instead to crash on the couch, watch a tv show with Rachel, and head to bed!

We had a busy December, as I am sure most everyone had. But what compounded things and made me unable or unwilling to post was the toddlers getting colds, followed by me getting a cold, followed by Rachel getting a cold! Phew. We are all healthy again thankfully, but for awhile there it was hairy. Just the common cold, for the most part. But when you have two toddlers, boy does that combo of being sick (or having sick babies) wipe you out.

This month is also a bit hectic as I resigned from my job to pursue a new opportunity. I love my current (or shall I now say, previous?) place of employment, and I love the people and my bosses. But certain opportunities presented themselves, better aligning me with my personal goals and ambitions (and, ultimately best for my family) that I had to jump at it. It was a bit stressful leading up to my announcing my resignation. Again, I genuinely like my employer. I think if I was dissatisfied, disgruntled, or did not like them, then that would make things easier. But when you like someone, boy is it tough saying “Sorry, I am moving on”.

We’ve been cooking! Oh yes, don’t doubt that. We made a very tasty baked fried chicken. The original recipe called for a boatload of butter. We quite easily managed to make that recipe with nothing more than a little olive oils pray while keeping it quite tasty. Yum! Sadly, no pictures of that yet. By the time it’s done cooking, the daylight is gone and we have hungry bellies to feed. So, it’s coming. Rest assured! But not ready to share just yet.

We are looking forward to some warmer weather to get these little boys out of the house and to the park, or just outside in general, to let loose some of that little boy energy. Better to expend it running around silly outside instead of bumping, pushing, pulling, and biting each other. Yikes!

So, this concludes my update post. I apologize for the long absence, and for the lack of tasty pictures or recipes in this particular post. Things have been very hectic! My last day at work is next week. I’m hoping to get a post up, with recipe, next week. I’m thinking it should be something sweet to share with you for your understanding. 🙂

Hope you are all doing well and that your kitchens are warm and wonderful.



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