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Holiday Cookie Recipe Roundup 2012

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Please forgive me, I’m doing yet another cookie post. We have a couple of tasty recipes and photos lined up to share, but it just didn’t seem right to do anything but a Christmas Cookie Recipe Round Up for this last post before Christmas. So, here we are 🙂

I wanted to share just a couple of my favorite family recipes. Some of these might not exactly be “Christmas Cookies” but they are associated with the holiday because of traditions – both old and new.

So, without further ado, here are those recipes and why they are special to me. Click the cookie name, or the photo, to see the original post and recipe.

Cream Cheese Cut Out Cookies

Cream Cheese Cut Out Cookies

The recipe for these cookies was actually one of the first ones posted when we launched The Keenan Cookbook 3 years ago (almost to the day). The recipe comes from a family friend, Betty, and my Mom has been baking them for Christmas ever since. I love when family and friends share recipes. Good food is meant to be shared!

Mom’s Christmas Butter (Spritz) Cookies

My Mom has been making these for Christmas as long as I can remember, and it just isn’t Christmas unless Mom has baked Spritz Cookies. Indeed, Mom hinted last month that she wasn’t going to bake them this year, prompting so much protesting from her kids that she is now baking them. (To be fair, she thought we just weren’t into them anymore. Are you kidding me?!)

The cool thing about these cookies was Mom used to use the cookie press that was my Great Grandmother’s. Unfortunately it broke two years ago – after how many years? – so Mom is using a newer one. Still, though the cookie press is different, the recipe remains the same.

Rainbow (Tri Color) Cookies

rainbow cookies

I baked these last year for a Christmas cookie swap. My family, who I shared some with, loved them so much I decided to bake them all some for Christmas.

These cookies take a lot of work. At least, a lot of work for someone with a kid (now make that “kids”). It isn’t a complicated cookie to make, it just requires a number of steps. Still, I love these cookies and my family did too. Without question you better believe everyone is getting a batch of these cookies for Christmas this year! 🙂

S’mores Cookies

Smores Cookies

Ok, not technically a holiday cookie, but if you are bringing cookies to a holiday party you should definitely consider these. Everyone who has had these S’mores cookies raves about them. Just take a look at that picture and realize, even as fantastic as it looks, it doesn’t do justice to how delicious these S’mores cookies are.

Christmas 2012

I’m looking forward to Christmas with Rachel and our two little boys. Incredible how much has changed in just one year. Last year, our little guy (Baby Boy at the time) was just getting ready to walk, and was curious about Christmas presents but not really into them. At 21 months old now, he definitely gets the idea of presents, and I expect him to be a lot of fun on Christmas morning.

It isn’t just the presents. It’s seeing these little boys learning and experiencing all these cool new things. I am constantly amazed at just how much the older one, in particular, knows and understands, and indeed says. And at least once a day he gives me a good chuckle with what he is saying.

Every morning I ask him how he slept – good – and what he dreamt about. Always – always – he dreams about puppies. He tells me this. And, after I pick him up and we are all ready for the day, I take him downstairs. We pass by the unlit Christmas tree, and this little guy reminds me to turn the lights on. “Lights” he says, pointing. Oh, you’re right, I say. And off we go, to plug in the tree. And before bed every night he waves goodbye to the Christmas tree.

I’m sure he will be sad when the Christmas tree has to go. But for now, we are all enjoying it, enjoying the season, and each other.

We wish you a Merry Christmas. See you next week.


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    I definitely understand the magic of a s’mores cookie and wouldn’t dream of not including it in a Christmas cookie platter! Merry Christmas to you and your family!

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