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First Birthday Puppy Dog Cupcakes

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Baby Boy’s first birthday was this past weekend. Our post earlier this week shared a few photos of the birthday boy before his party. We also shared the recipes for bbq pulled pork and broccoli cranberry salad we served, due to popular demand from friends and family.

Today we’d like to share the Baby Boy’s birthday cake and cupcake recipes. Specifically, the puppy paw print cupcakes.

puppypaws cupcakes

We made white cupcakes at the suggestion of our foodie friend Rachel of Baked By Rachel. You can see the recipe for her homemade cupcake recipe here: white cupcakes.

And because I’m a chocoholic, I of course had to bake chocolate cupcakes. I baked chocolate cupcakes from our other foodie friend Madeline of Thursday Night Baking. You can see her recipe here: chocolate cupcakes.

We frosted both cupcakes with a vanilla cream cheese frosting from our Death By Oreo Cupcakes post. I used the recipe exactly the same just minus the Oreo.

To make the paw prints Rachel used chocolate chips, the bigger chip being the melting chocolate you can pick up at craft stores.

Thanks again to Rachel of Baked By Rachel and Madeline of Thursday Night Baking for the delicious cupcake recipes. Please head over and check out their posts for the recipes and yummy photos.

puppy cookies

In addition to cupcakes, my Mom baked doggy themed cream cheese cutout cookies. We shared the cream cheese cutout cookie post earlier in the year, as my Mom makes them for Christmas.

The cookies took the shape of doggies, doggie bones, dog houses, paw prints, and the number 1. So cute. So tasty!

I’ve never made the cutout cookies but I have no doubt a lot of work and love went into making them for the Grand Baby. Thank you Mom!

puppy cake

Last up is the birthday cake for the birthday boy. I used the white cupcake recipe from Baked By Rachel and filled a ceramic ramekin to bake a small birthday cake for Baby Boy.

I had planned on using extra batter to make this cake while I made the cupcakes. But I was so tired, baking the night before the party, and so frenzied in baking, that I completely forgot this plan until after the cupcakes were in the oven. Thankfully I was successfully able to divide the recipe by 1/3rd – quite the task at 11pm.

Rachel decorated the cake to resemble a puppy (have you caught on to our theme yet?) because Baby Boy loves his puppies.

So how did the Birthday Boy like his cake?

He loved it. Of course – my son, after all 🙂

As soon as we put the cake down on his tray he grabbed on with his right hand and did not remove those little fingers until it was time to clean him up.

Well, there you have it. The end of a first birthday celebration. What a great day. What a great year. And now, time for bed.



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