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First Birthday Celebration

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Guess who just celebrated his very first birthday?

Go on, guess.

Baby Boy, that’s who!


We had a wonderful day celebrating Baby Boy’s first birthday with good food, friends, and family. We were worried our little house couldn’t handle so many people – or Baby Boy –  but both house and boy held up just fine.

Rachel and I spent the very nice morning with the birthday boy, just the three of us hanging out. We all had club soda waffles for breakfast, then after some last minute errands and nap time the boy opened his present – a little 2 in 1 ride and push wagon. The wrapping paper was very exciting, but unlike at Christmas, the toy itself seemed of equal interest this time; very fun.

Friends and family came in the afternoon to join in the celebration. We’ll share the birthday boy’s cake (as well as the other dessert recipes) with you on Thursday. For today, we wanted to share two recipes we made, and have posted here before, that were a big hit with the party-goers. A couple of friends asked for the recipes, so here they are in an encore presentation:

First up is BBQ Pulled Pork. I may have gone a little overboard in making 15 pounds of it for the party, but leftovers are never a bad thing (it freezes really well). Click the image or text link to view the recipe.

Beer Braised BBQ Pork ButtBeer Braised BBQ Pull Pork

We also made Broccoli Salad. This fresh, crunchy salad countered the sweet pork nicely. Bacon bits were optional for our vegetarian friends.

broccoli and cranberry saladBroccoli & Cranberry Salad

In typical Keenan fashion, there was a lot of food. I don’t think anyone went home hungry, and to quote my Dad, “if they did it’s their own fault”.

But more than the food, it was great to share Baby Boy with family and friends on his big day. Even with skipping his afternoon nap (he’s a smart cookie, he knew something was going on) he was an absolute delight and so smiley.

Happy Birthday Baby Boy. Here is to another wonderful year with you in our lives. 🙂


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